Celebrex 200 mg

Common Celebrex Dosages

Celebrex comes in 100mg tablets. In clinical studies, patients’ results were measured at dosages ranging from 100mg per day or less (or in some cases, only as needed) to 800mg per day (usually administered in two 400mg doses).

Because of the drastic increase in severe complications, including fatal cardiovascular events, in patients who took the highest possible dosages of Celebrex, it is recommended that it be taken in the lowest possible effective dosage. Several factors may affect an individual patient’s prescribed dosage, including diet, body size, and severity of the condition.

Taking Celebrex as Needed

Some patients are prescribed Celebrex on an “as needed” basis, usually for treating severe pain that is chronic but not constant. Celebrex takes around 3 hours to reach maximum potency, partly dependent on food accompaniment.

When taken with high-fat foods, Celebrex may take up to 2 hours longer to reach peak potency. In studies, patients who took Celebrex “as needed” experienced very few adverse reactions and side effects. However, the majority of patients for whom Celebrex is prescribed take it regularly in order to treat degenerative pain conditions (such as arthritis).

Body Size and Dosage:

Dosage is often related to body size and body mass, as these factors affect how potent a drug becomes in a patient’s system. According to Pfizer (manufacturer of Celebrex), in patients under 110 lbs., “the lowest possible dosage” should be used.

Drastic increases in absorption rates have also been discovered in patients over the age of 60 (partly due to lower average body weight) and in patients of African-

American descent (for unknown reasons). These factors, along with the nature and severity of the patient’s condition, determine a doctor’s decision on dosage.

In clinical studies, dosages were not determined by individual patient factors, but rather by the condition on which the drug was tested. In some cases, that is how the drug is currently prescribed.

For example, some doctors may prescribe 200mg BID (twice daily) of Celebrex to any patient suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, regardless of the patient’s weight, and only adjust the dosage if the patient is under 16 or over 60.

Celebrex Dosages and Lawsuits

Clinical studies showed a much greater incidence of side effects and severe complications in patients who used high doses of Celebrex (400mg per day or more). Part of the decision of the judge in a Celebrex lawsuit is whether there is scientific evidence that a specific dosage can be linked to a litigant’s side effects or complications.

Though a 2007 decision by a San Francisco judge found insufficient evidence for the risks of Celebrex prescribed at 200mg per day, it is unknown whether that finding took into account the body weight, body mass, and other metabolic factors of the patients in question.

It is likely that this discrepancy will become the basis of future lawsuits, even if future litigants were taking 200mg of Celebrex per day.

Except in the case of class-action suits, each lawsuit is handled individually, with respect to each patient’s personal experiences. Only a specialized legal representative can determine whether dosage will have a bearing on a specific case.

Despite the 2007 decision, there is no reason to believe that Pfizer will not face future lawsuits from patients who took 200mg of Celebrex daily.